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Dovid Fridrich mezuzahmentch at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 22:32:21 EST 2019

 --NEW HOMES reminder-*There is NO 30 day leeway
---Compliance to have mezuzahs on ALL doors from DAY ONE * Loaner mezuzahs

*Tefillin Checking as well---loaners provided*

Mezuzah Checking IN YOUR Home -
The quality service you want without the hassle---many satisfied clients

More than 90% of homes that I have helped have had some sort of issue.

I am an expert certified sofer/magiah and competent handyman
 will Remove/Check/Restore/Re-affix your mezuzahs

FACT: A Mezuzah should be checked twice in 7 years

YOUR Home visit can help YOU ensure that the mitzvah of mezuzah is being

Typical issues I come across...

*Mezuzah Missing altogether
 * Water Damage
 * Sun Damage * Cracked Ink
* Positioned in Wrong Place
* Parchment Upside-Down
* Parchment Rolled wrong way
 * Mixed Minhagim
* Compliance to have on doors from DAY ONE

* Loaner mezuzahs available.

*Tefillin Checking available 3-5 days-- loaners available*

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