[BS/RBS list] have you been stiffed by a rental car company on chol hamoed?

Riva Pomerantz joelriva at 013net.net
Sat Nov 30 17:32:20 EST 2019

This Chol Hamoed, I made a reservation for a rental car for a certain
company in the city and was promised a car, given an authorization number,
including a pickup time. When I got there, there were about 15 people in
line ahead of me with a waiting list of even more people. There were no cars
available for any of the people on the list. All of them had made
reservations. This is not the first time this has happened to me. It seems
that this is a favorite ploy of at least a couple of rental car companies (I
experienced this in another place as well)-to "make reservations", get a lot
of captive consumers waiting around, and t hen trickle in as many cars as
they can get ahold of, without feeling the slightest obligation to follow
through on their reservations.


I would like to put at a stop to this J. So here are my questions?

1.       Have you been a victim of this practice and do you have evidence
(ie. confirmation number and date this happened to you) to show that this
happened? Please specify which company when you reply to me privately,

2.       Did you incur a financial loss because of it? In my case, I had to
walk out without a car and pay for a taxi to and from Rechovot, which cost
me significantly more.

3.       Is there a lawyer out there who would like to take this case? I
believe there are hundreds of people who will step forward and this could be
a great class-action lawsuit that would force the companies to reverse this






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