[BS/RBS list] ISO information היטל השבחה

Alexandra Toffel amechad1 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 29 08:38:02 EST 2019

We are in the process iyH of selling a house in RBSa (the first time we have done this) and been told some money needs to be in escrow in case of היטל השבחה which we were told means a tax if the iriyah has approved change to our zoning without our knowledge, essentially a potential increase of the value without telling us.We are very uneasy with the idea that we could be liable for a potentially limitless amount without knowing the amount until the house is getting registered to the new buyer.We have been told that in Yerushalayim and other cities it is easy to obtain this information but in Beit Shemesh it has become extremely difficult recently.We went onto the iriyah engineering department website and followed the link for this information, filled details, paid a fee.... and then the form we were supposed to send to an email address given didn't work!!!So, I turn to the list to see if anyone has been through this and knows how to get something which the iriyah is obligated to provide us with (particularly when they've taken our money for it).
Gut Chodesh

Shoshana ToffelRBSA/G resident

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