[BS/RBS list] PIZZA TIME IS IN RBS-ALEPH Unsolicited Testimonial

Rafael Aryeh smitty at att.net
Wed Nov 27 17:42:55 EST 2019

I was fortunate to get 2 pies a week ago, and must admit IF I HAVE TO EAT PIZZA, it is the best one I have had in Israel so far. 
Ruben Mehadrin Hecksher, All FRESHEST ingredients:REAL Mozarella cheese (NOT YELLOW cheese product)
THIN, THICK or PAN ...Sicilian, deep dish as well,Thick would be similar to NY Style, if you ask me...but I am now hooked on THIN.
Toppings (6 sheks add'l) MushroomsFresh tomatoOnionsOlives (Green or Black!)Red Peppers,Tuna (ON PIZZA? Sorry...I just wanted to tell what I learned...if you like Tuna, Gezuntah Heit!).

They are running a limited time Grand opening Special (that's how I got to try ours)Normally 65 Sheks for a 45 cm (largest in Israel I believe) 
SPECIAL: 2 for 100 sheks PICKUP, or 115 Delivered.I believe FREE BOTTLE SODA AS WELL.
They also have optional Whole Wheat or 80% Spelt crusts if you ask.And a CHEESE CRUST (cheese is put in the crust BEFORE they make the pie)
Their phone 02-657-5100 gets you to the PLACE ITSELF, so if they say 10 minutes, it is TEN MINUTES!Not sure about delivery times, sorry.
Their SAUCE was exquisite (that's what MAKES a pizza from my perspective).
I am an RBS-A resident.I didn't get paid for this. Just HaKarat Hatov.They are located near the Mercaz in Aleph.PLEASE Do not reply to this email.

BTW, it's 5% less when you pickup fro them on SHACHAM #8, instead of delivery


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