[BS/RBS list] Gala Launch Event tonight for Kinyan HaMesecta group forming Iy"H in the Breslov Shul on Lachish

Peretz & Chavi Rubel rubelc at 013.net
Wed Nov 27 22:21:05 EST 2019

A Kinyan HaMesechta group will Iy"H be forming in the Breslov Shul on
Lachish 32. For those who have not heard of this amazing program, "Kinyan
HaMesechta", it is literally creating a revolution in the study of Torah for
hundreds of people in almost 100 locations around the world. It is a chabura
of learning gemara revolving around mastering and "acquiring" a mesechta, as
it were, by a unique program of constant review and engaging short shiurim
and more review. The benefits of such a chabura are too numerous to mention,
but the bottom line is that such a type of learning engages a person with
the Mesechta that they are learning, with a renewed cheshek, renewed
excitement, and unparalleled sipuk in learning, almost unlike anything else
a person can experience in any other type of learning. There are several
shuls right here in Ramat Beit Shemesh that have already undertaken this
program, and it has been nothing short of transformational for the
participants. The program involves learning sessions 2-3 times per week,
which include a short shiur from a hand-picked maggid shiur combined with
chavrusa review. Other groups around Ramat Beit Shemesh have these group
sessions in the morning. The group in the Breslov Shul will be convening in
the early evenings, Monday and Wednesday from  7:40 PM to 8:30 PM, with a
third shiur either Friday morning or Motzai Shabbos.


There will be a gala event tonight (Thursday) to launch this new group at
8:30 PM at the home of R Gedalia Auerbach, Nachshon 1/2,  replete with a
lavish fleishik spread, a short presentation of the program, and first hand
accounts from several current participants as to the amazing things Kinyan
HaMesechta has done for them and their families.


For more information about this unique program please see the website at

 <https://kinyanhamasechta.com/> https://kinyanhamasechta.com



Anyone interested in coming, please contact me so that we can prepare


Looking forward to seeing you all tonight Iy"H.


Chodesh Tov U'Mevorach,


Peretz Rubel



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