[BS/RBS list] Try "Insight Computer Services" for all your computer Repairs/Upgrades needs!!!

Reuven Ashenberg neshoma at bezeqint.net
Sun Nov 24 15:58:55 EST 2019

Insight Computer Services

Providing  computer services/repairs and cell phone support in a cost and
time effective manner to the greater Beit Shemesh and Ramat Beit Shemesh

Services provided includes:

.         Home visits

.         Problem solving for  PC Computers (desktop/laptops)

.         Repairs/Upgrades of Windows and drivers

.         Hardware and software repairs

.         Removal of virus/spyware/malware

.         Computer cleaning and maintenance 

.         Data recovery

.         Printers and mp3 players support 

.         iPhone and Android phone support

.         Excellent customer service

.         Competitive hourly rate

.         Guaranteed work

.         Bilingual in Hebrew and English


Your satisfaction is our goal!

Contact:                               Reuven at 0546-202-781

InsightComputerServices at outlook.com
<mailto:ReuvenInsightComputerServices at Gmail.com> 

Reuven Ashenberg

Local small business



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