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Nadlan Town News:

Rents in Israel rise but still lag home prices

The average monthly rent in Israel rose 1.6% in the past year to a record
NIS 4,000and 10% over the past five years. 

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the district with the highest
rents in Israel was Tel Aviv with an average monthly rent of NIS 5,865,
while the lowest rents were in the Krayot region north of Haifa, where rents
averaged NIS 2,538.


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For Sale in RBS A:

3 rm, brand new near the shopping center NIS 1,360,000

4 rm, on Nachshon, low floor, huge salon and succa porch, storeroom NIS

4 rm Lachish, legal option to add 32 sqm, large salon NIS 1,600,000

4 rm Noam, option to add another 40 sqm, quiet location , NIS 1,500,000

4 rm on HaBsor, very large salon, 3 air exp, airy & bright, storeroom, pkg
lot, NIS 1,650,000 NEW in the market! S O L D !

4 rm , Ein Gedi, near Ramat Shilo, big front paved yard and private
entrance, priced to sell NIS 1,330,000

5 rm on M3, large salon and porch, parking and storeroom, must be seen! NIS

5 rm on Ein Gedi, Ramat Shilo, large porch,covered parking, keen vendors!
NIS 1,950,000 Make an offer! S O L D !

3 rm Nizanim, suitable for handicapped, option to add extra room, storeroom
NIS 1,330,000

6 rm penthouse, Yarkon, 2 large succa porches, view NIS 2,250,000

5 rm penthouse, Dolev, view, well kept, 3rd floor, no elevator ,  great
location NIS 1,650,000

5 rm (1 small) Yarkon, huge garden and succa porch, option to expand NIS

4 rm , Revivim, very invested, quiet location, NIS 1,590,000


Rentals RBS A':

-Sun Gardens, 10 rm semi detached with basement, 7 bathrooms, immediate
NIS 15,000

-Ramat Shilo, Ein Gedi, huge 6 rms, large garden , suitable for organization
NIS 8,500

-  4 rm on Shvil Hagichon' storeroom with window, immediate
NIS 4,600

- 4 rm on Dolev, airy & bright, immediate
NIS 4,600

- 4 rm on Micha , 90 sqm , improved, view, privacy, pkg, immediate
NIS 4,000

-  4 rm Rav Kook, Mishkafayim, brand new , breathtaking view from 1/10
NIS 4,500

-  5 vrm on Uriah, fully renovated 120 sqm, immediate
NIS 5,800

- 4.5 rm, Micha, 1st floor, view, 3 toilets, big kitchen, central a/c,
immediate,    NIS 4,600

- 5 rm, Hayarkon, M3, cottage, 2 covered pkg, garden, porch, very invested,
NIS 8,000

- 2 rm, Raziel, ground floor, suitable for handicapped, immediate,
NIS 2,200

- 2 rm, Uriah, new, suitable for handicapped,
NIS 2,500

- 2 rm, Tzeelim, central location, a/c in every room,
NIS 2,500                          

- 5 rm, Yarden, big salon, view, covered pkg, storeroom, immediate,
NIS 5,500



Offices and Shops for rent in Lev Ha Rama very near Sheinfeld:

Starting from NIS 50 per sqm


Offices and shops  for rent " Park Center" RBS A:

Single office approx. 11 sqm NIS 1,100 + VAT per month

offices NIS 85 per meter Different sizes 

Shop 23 sqm next to the post office, great exposure , immediate NIS 3,700 +

Shop 60 sqm  NIS 7,000



Offices for Rent in RBS A:

14 sqm, central , attached parking space , immediate-

-2 large  rm office with bathroom and kitchenette NIS 3,000


For Sale RBS G:

5 rm on Yoel, 120 sqm, large salon, parking. Bargain!! REDUCED TO ,599,000

Duplex 4 bedroom apartment, near merkaz, private entrance with large garden.
A/C, quite street


4 rm Yirmiahu,, low floor, huge porch, magnificent view, NIS 1,599,000

6 rm on yirmiahu, 210 sqm' spectacular view, must be seen!! NIS 2,120,000

4 rm, Yechezkel, big rooms, storeroom, flex , NIS 1,520,000

5 rm ,Achia HaShiloni, huge succa porch, view, big storeroom NIS 1,750,000

6.5 rm Achia HaShiloni, 4 bathrooms, huge salon & kitchen , NIS 2,100,000

5 rm, Yechezkel, luxurious building, storeroom NIS 1,650,000




M 3 different sizes NIS 26,500 per sqm 


Shops for sale in RBS G:

Many different sizes from NIS 25,000 per sqm + VAT


Rentals RBS G':

- various 3 rm in G and G2 starting from NIS 3,200

-7 rm on Ha Bakuk,5 bdrms plkus family room, covered pkg and storeroom 2
porches (approx. 80 sm) NIS 6,500

- 6 rm, Yona Ben Amitai, ground floor, garden, 3 toilets, from end of
August, NIS 4,900

- 5 rm, Yermiahu, duplex, big porch, breath taking view, NIS 5,000

- 6 rm, Neria, cottage, ground floor, big salon, garden & porch, NIS 5,500

- 4 rm, Shlomo Lorentz, close to RBS A', new, view, immediate, NIS 4,250

- 3 rm, Yermiahu, centrally located, beautiful view, from 12/8, NIS 3,800

- 4 rm, Achia Hashiloni, panoramic view, 3 air exposures, from 1/8, NIS

- 5 rm, Yoel, duplex, spacious living room, view, from 1/9, NIS 5,000

- 4 rm, Yechezkel, airy & bright, immediate, NIS 4,000

- 4 rm, Ezra, ground floor, garden, private entrance, new, immediate, NIS



For Sale Sheinfeld:

3 rm on Shiftei Isarel, large new kitchen , big rooms,90 sqm,  well  kept
and invested , priced to sell! NIS 1,370,000 Make an offer!!


For RENT sheinfeld:

6.5 rm , penthouse on Maapilei Egoz, great condition, elevator(also
furnished if suits the tenant) immediate NIS 6,000



For Sale Ramat Neriah:

4 rm Rabbi Yannai, suitable for handicapped, magnificent view, storeroom,
NIS 1,650,000



For Rent Givat Savyion:

3 rm, very spacious, en suit, like new,quite cul-de-sac and yet very
central, immediate NIS 3,000

2.5 rm, spacious kitchen, quite location, immediate NIS 2,850


For Rent Ramat Neriah:

2 rm unit, suitable for handicapped/couple 40 sqm, furnished NIS 2,400
including  arnona and water 



We also have properties in the old Beit Shemeh, Givat Sharet, Nofei


We constantly need new homes for sale and rent in all areas of Bet Shemesh
for serious clients, please contact us!


Setting the standards in real estate...            19 years of honesty &
integrity in BS/RBS speak for itself.... !!


Nadlan Town Real Estate Ltd.

Under the management of Dan Sivan

Cell: 0528966807 (also whatsApp)  office: 9999 456


Website: www.nadlantown.com

Phase book:  https://www.facebook.com/NadlanTownRealty













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