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**Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef:**


*REVIVIM/NOAM, RBSA* - Bright, invested 4.5 room apartment, 105 ms,

Master en suite, a/c, bars, elevator, storage room. - 1.650.000NIS

*NACHAL SOREK* - Near center, 4.5 room, entrance level without stairs, huge
porch, view - 1,650,000NIS

*DOLEV/HABESOR* - Totally renovated from scratch, 5 room apartment with
garden. Ready in a month, All inclusive - 2.700.000NIS

 NACHAL SOREK - Renovated 4 room apartment. Large living room, fully
equipped kitchen, master bedroom, central air conditioning, 25 sqm yard,
excellent location! Corner property. Central location! Storage room and
covered parking closed and used for business - 1.710.000NIS

NACHAL ARUGOT - Renovated 6 room apartment, bright and spacious, ground
floor (no steps), comfortable access, invested kitchen, large master
bedroom, huge balcony toward the view, small garden - option for separate
housing unit, A/C, parking, storage room - 2.290.000NIS

ARAVOT HANACHAL - 4 rms, master bedroom, balcony, view, 2nd floor,
elevator, 2 covered parking spots, storage room -  1.490.000NIS

NACHAL ZOHAR - 3 rm invested apartment, well kept, large balcony that can
be closed to make another room, A/C, 2nd floor,  elevator, closed parking
space for office, storage room, wheelchair accessible -  1.390.000NIS

MAOR -  A spacious 4 room garden apartment , two entrancs  to the house, no
stairs access, very large living room, large garden, master suite, storage
room with a window. Near Aish Kodesh and Menorat HaMaor - 2.090.000NIS

MAOR : Beautiful and bright duplex. Originally 4 rooms. The second floor is
added to the permits. On the second floor there is a huge and luxurious
master suite with an attached Jacuzzi. Huge balcony 24 square meters and
half a room that can be used as a work room. - 2.090.000NIS

LACHISH - Very spacious 6 room apartment - all on one floor! Large hall of
about 50m, serves as a huge room, large balcony 40 sqm, small garden,
private entrance, comfortable floor, renovated kitchen, new flooring and
doors, easy option for separate living unit - 2.380.000NIS

**Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel:**

For more information call Aron Pachter at 054-585-3732


Corner plot for sale with the basic frame already built to
the highest standard!
Possibility to continue construction until the final stage


Huge semi-detached villa,
365m plus 270m garden,
6 rooms, large living room,
3 separate living units (3 rms each!)
Option for 3 more bedrooms!
A/C, balcony, storage room, parking, view!

*NEW! *

*EDO HANAVI* - 3 room well-kept apartment, 77m plus 45m balcony, panoramic
view, elevator, A/C, bars, mamad, storage room, parking, wheelchair
accessible, option to add a room - 1.350.000NIS

YONA BEN AMITAI -  Very nice 3 rm apartment, 2nd floor, A/C, parking
Worth checking out! - 1.350.000NIS

YONA BEN AMITAI - Renovated 3 rm apartment, 82m, elevator, A/C , sukkah
porch, parking, wheelchair accessible, view, very central!  - 1.375.000NIS

YONA BEN AMITAI - Almost new 3 rooms, beautiful and bright, open and
spacious layout, balcony, elevator, storage, parking - 1.450.000NIS

YONAH BEN AMITAI - 5 room garden apartment, 130m, yard 80m, 1st floor,
elevator, master bedroom, air conditioner, storage room, parking

YECHEZKEL - Almost new, very invested 3 rm apartment , 73m, elevator,
balcony, A/C, upgraded kitchen, balcony - 1.375.000NIS

CHABAKUK HANAVI, RBSG - New, beautiful 5 rm penthouse, 6th floor,
elevator, Shabbat elevator,
Invested and spacious kitchen, Master bedroom, 2 large balconies (30m
each) 2 parking spaces, view!- 1.840.000NIS

YIRMIYAHU HANAVI: 5 rms, 120 m, master bedroom, 15m sukka porch, storage
room, 2nd floor, elevator, wheelchair accessible, A/C, bars - 1.630.000NIS

CHABAKUK HANAVI: 4 room apartment, 2nd floor , elevator, charming and
spacious, facing the pastoral view,  two balconies, options to expand, air
conditioning, Shabbat elevator, storage room, wheelchair accessible -

HOSHEA HANAVI* : *Renovated 3 room upgraded apartment with an option to
build 40 meters on the roof, mamad, bars, storage room, parking. - 1,395,000

YECHEZKEL HANAVI - EXCLUSIVE property, large penthouse duplex, 190m, 1st
floor: huge salon, modern kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony. 2nd floor:
hallway, 5 bedrooms, and a huge 60m balcony. A/C, bars, parking, storage
room - 2.630.000NIS

* Gimmel 2*

DEVORAH HANEVIA - New garden apt, 5 rms, ground floor, 120m +80m garden+ 8
m balcony, master bedroom, mamad, bars, 3 bathrooms - 1.820.000NIS

DEVORAH HANEVIYA - New 6 rm garden apartment, ground floor, wheelchair
accessible, 140m plus 80 m garden, A/C, mamad, bars, storage room, parking
- 2.120.000NIS

**Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet**

HAYARDEN, RBS B - 4 rm s, option to enlarge from both sides, 1st floor,
elevator, mamad, A/C , bars - 1.590.000NIS

HAYARDEN RBS B - Well kept 4 room garden apartment, 120 m built plus
huge130m garden, balcony, A/C , bars, mamad, very central! - 2.100.000NIS

RIVAZ, RBS B - Centrally located 4 rm apartment, option to add 2 more
rooms, balcony, 1st floor, storage room- 1.470.000NIS

RIVAZ, RBS B - 4.5 rm garden apartment, 148m, ground floor, 2 living rooms,
2 balconies, storage room - 1.650.000NIS

** Sheinfeld**

HANARKIS (mithared) - Several options - Call the office.

**Old Beit Shemesh**

*KEREN HAYESOD* - Beautiful 4 room apartment, new kitchen and bathroom,
option to add 10-12 meter balcony - 1.330.000NIS

*BAR ILAN  AREA *- MITHARED - Lots of apartments for sale !

For more information call the office at 02-999-6280

***PROPERTIES FOR RENT*: (sample only)**


HAYARKON - 7 rm cottage, nice garden, double covered parking, view , near
parks, immediate - 7.900NIS

** Old Beit Shemesh**

ARLOZOROV - Charming, renovated 4 room garden apartment in excellent
condition! Private parking, huge garden, excellent for young couples,
families with children! Central area, near public transportation,
supermarkets, synagogues and the mall (BIG). - 4300NIS

For details call David Eri at 054-319-1310 or e-mail to
davideri at royalrealty.co.il

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