[BS/RBS list] We cannot forget Anat

ירוחם אסטריכר yeru1978 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 12:12:12 EST 2019

We cannot forget Anat
I spoke to Anat on Friday, she literally had no food on the table and
nothing for Shabbos. Very close to Shabbos we finally got a small donation
from someone and in the last minute she bought a few rolls. Today she spoke
to me and told me she was on the verge of fainting since she hadn't eaten
in a few days and we literally saved her life.
She's there in Haifa, all alone, awaiting her surgery that's scheduled mid
December with no source of income or supprt, she has nothing.
Social security funds don't even cover the cost of her medications. When we
don't help her - it's simple.... she has nothing... literally...
As always, DONATIONS can be made in the following ways:

1. Transfers to the Anat Nagar ben Shabbat Bank Account at Bank HaDoar (the
Postal Bank), Branch #001, Account #3154052

2. At the Gelt Center money-changers whose office is opposite the Klalit
Health Fund offices in the RBS-Alef shopping center.

ירוחם אסטריכר
נייד: 0544882116

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