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Sun Nov 24 12:58:55 EST 2019

Enjoy the growing stock of our totally yummy soups!

Only fresh ingredients.  No artificial additives.  Simply scrumptious!

.  **AUTUMN DREAM* * - smoothly blended sweet potatoes, flavored with apples
 and cinnamon.  A favorite for any season!

. **CREAM OF KISHU'IM** - delicately herbed, goes well with everything

. **BUTTERNUT SILK** - velvety texture, just butternut

. **CARROT/PEANUT BUTTER** - just beyond!

 . **4 Cs - CREAMY CAULIFLOWER CARROT CURRY** - out of this world!

 . **GYPSY SOUP* - *bite-sized vegetables and chic peas in a tomato base
broth with a heady bouquet of herbs and spices.

(Think Moosewood Cookbook, c.1980's!)

100% *Pareve*, IKO hechsher - Kasher l'Mehadrin.

International Kashrut Organization, www.ikakosher.com

No flour, no msg, no soup powders, no fake cream, no sugar, minimal salt. 100%

Soups come frozen in liter containers.  35 nis per liter; 3 liters for 100

Please phone your order to make arrangements for pick up.  02-999-3470.

We're located at Nahar HaYarkon 8/1, RBS A, ground floor.

Delivery for minimum 3 liters soup for 15 nis, Thursday afternoon/evening
in RBS/Beit Shemesh.

 ~The Rothstein Family         simplysoups.yum at gmail.com

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