[BS/RBS list] Mothers Support Group with Batya Ruddell

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Sun Nov 24 10:01:49 EST 2019

Kol Haneshamot is a nonprofit agency (in-formation) providing guidance to Parents of at risk/struggling children.  Kol Haneshamot's goal is to help parents re-form the close personal relationship with their child in a caring, inclusive, and acceptive environment that promotes the child’s best interests and reinforces personal respect. The focus is slightly different at each level but the goal remains the same; empower the parents, to make positive changes in the lives of our children.

Kol Haneshamot invites the women of RBS to the following upcoming event:

Mothers support group with Renowned Author and Narrative Therapist Batya Ruddell beginning this Tuesday nightNovember 26th. This support group will run continuously every two weeks. Space is limited.

Suggested donation: 30 ILS

The intent for our support group is to provide you with valuable information, helpful resources, and options along with a chance to connect with other families and individuals in the same situation. Our support group will help you learn more about what our children are going through, what they are facing, and how we can help them.  

Email: kolhaneshamot at gmail.comPhone: 055-660-0235RBS resident

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