[BS/RBS list] "Complementary medicine really helps.... But it's so expensive..."

Naomi Silverman naomisilv at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 09:56:51 EST 2019

Do you want complementary medicine to help with your health issue? Or the
pain of a family member?

I have some ideas to reduce costs.

***Learn Shiatsu to treat your family and friends. I am offering courses in
small groups at reasonable rates. For women and teens.

**Learn "Emotion Codes" to remove internal trapped emotions that can cause
imbalances in your physical and emotional health. You can learn it on your
own by buying the book through Amazon (or I have one to lend).  I am
offering a support group at very reasonable rates.

**If you have always wanted to try "The Journey" created by Brandon Bays, I
have a few slots of "Beyond The Journey" at reduced rates. I am not a
Journey Practitioner; I am a certified NLP Practitioner and studied The
Journey in my NLP Master studies

Email me or call to discuss these ways to get complementary medicine
without breaking the bank

Excellence with Naomi
Naomi Silverman
054 623 6760

"Local small business"

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