[BS/RBS list] Astonish your grandchild with your new tech skills!

Yehuda Meir Lipson yehudameir.lipson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 09:10:42 EST 2019

Do you suffer from:
-- CPPPS (CellPhone PhotoPhobia Syndrome)?
-- EMID  (E-Mail Illiteracy Disorder)?
-- UFRD (Unrequited Friend Request Despair)?
-- SUPCORM (Supposedly Unrecoverable PC Operation Repetitive Mistakes)?

or any similar condition that hasn't yet made it into the PDR?

Relief (and a shoulder to cry on) is here! Impress the grandchildren -- and
their parents! Call Yehuda at YM TECH SUPPORT: 058-334-9888. Reasonable
rates. Home/on-site visits provided at no extra charge.

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