[BS/RBS list] Insurance right here in Beit Shemesh in English!

Aviela Deitch aviela.deitch at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 07:26:36 EST 2019

GLF 6/25

#As we say, crowdfunding is NOT insurance. Would you like to insure the
contents of your home against any of a host of issues? We explain Home
Contents Coverage here:
https://goldfus-ins.co.il/en/personal-insurance/home-contents-insurance/ #At
Goldfus Insurance, we're right here in Beit Shemesh (Big Center, Level 2)
waiting to serve you. For nearly half a century, we have been proudly
assisting the English-speaking community in all insurance needs. We are
also available at our Jerusalem and Modi'in branches, as well as by
telephone 02-561-2223, email office at goldfus-ins.co.il or Messenger. #We
look forward to hearing from you.


         IL: 02-9978351    US: (516) 208-4895

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