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Order Heimish Joe's for your kiddush, seuda shlishit or celebration of any kind!

Your guests will thank you!

Orders for this Shabbat are due Wednesday, November 27 at noon.

1. Fresh, authentic, classic Whitefish Salad.

₪30 for 250 g

₪55 for 500g.

2. Smoked Herring Salad (Dairy) – Heimish Joe’s original one-of-a-kind recipe.

 ₪25 for 250g

3.  Maple Gravlax – Melt-in-your-mouth cured salmon, bursting with incredible flavor. This is Heimish Joe's unique take on a classic. (Please indicate if you prefer sugar free)

₪40 for 250g

4. Smoked Salmon – Superior quality at a great price. Fresh, not vacuum packed.

₪65 for 500g

5. Premium Peppered Smoked Salmon Paté

40₪  for 250g

6. Bourbon Hickory Smoked Tuna Paté

₪30 for 250g

7. Creamy Catskills Pickled Salmon (Dairy)

40₪  for 250g

8. Shmaltz Lox - A shidduch made in Heimish food heaven!

40₪  for 250g

9. Spicy Moroccan Shmaltz Lox

40₪  for 250g

10. Baked Smoked Salmon Filet - Ready to serve and simply delicious! Choose sweet or savoury.

₪130 per kilo, each filet weighs approximately 1.4 - 2kg.

Taster’s Trio

₪40 for 100g each of Whitefish Salad, Smoked Herring Spread and Gravlax

Regular Trio

₪90 for 250 g each of Whitefish Salad, Smoked Herring Spread and Gravlax

Paté Duo

₪65 for 250g each of Salmon Paté and Tuna Paté

We are under the Mehadrin hechsher of Rav Eliezer Shenkolevsky, Mara D'Atra of Bet Knesset Feigenson.

Pick-up at Haziporen 1 bet

Free delivery to Beit Shemesh area for orders of a minimum of ₪90.

Deliveries and pick up will take place Friday, November 29 between 12 and 2 pm.

Cash on delivery or on pick up.

Please email your order to heimishjoe at gmail.com<mailto:heimishjoe at gmail.com>

Please include your name, address and cell phone number.

Make sure you get a confirmation email for your order.

Orders must be received by Wednesday, November 27 at 12:00 noon.

Small local business

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