[BS/RBS list] Ads in Memory of HoRav Malinowitz, ZT"L

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Sun Nov 24 06:04:24 EST 2019


It is common for institutions and individuals to place "memorial" ads when a great loss occurs, such as the case of the passing of HoRav Malinowitz, ZT"L.

It is clear that the Rav ZT"L would not want this to happen.
It is also clear that the Rav ZT"L would want for all support to go towards Torah learning at Kehillas Beis Tefillah Yonah Avraham.

We therefore ask:

* Any institution or individual that wishes to make a memorial should do so by sending financial support to Torah Programs as BTYA. This can be done at http://btya.org/donations/ or by replying to this email. Relevant dedications/learning sponsorships can be acknowledged in the shul.

* If someone feels that they must put an ad in a publication, please place it in the RBSViews (rbsviews at gmail.com<mailto:rbsviews at gmail.com>), by this Tuesday AM. They have been partners in BTYA's Torah learning for years, and they will also make a donation to the Torah Programming for ads of this sort.

Please pass this message on to anyone to whom you feel it is relevant.

We appreciate your understanding.

Kehillas BTYA

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