[BS/RBS list] Unsolicited recommendation furniture repairman

Irene Ginis iginis1 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 05:39:48 EST 2019

Dear all,
We saw on Beit Shemesh list advertisement for a furniture repair specialist
Avrohom  Ehrenzweig.
We had a few broken dining room chairs which we cherished a lot but didn't
know how to fix. So we called reb Avrohom. He came the same day, looked up
the chairs, got a plan, took them with him and in a couple of days returned
them in like new condition. The price of the repair was reasonable. Now
when we have a family come over, everyone has a comfortable seat around the
Shabbat dinner. We highly recommend  Avrohom Ehrenzweig.
His number is 058-786-6827.

Best regards Ora Ginis

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