[BS/RBS list] Dror Sha'alim Hall - Winter Special

שרה שפיצר sara at s-tikva.org.il
Sun Nov 24 04:39:15 EST 2019

Get 5% off when you book Ulam Sha'alim Dror by the end of Chanuka!

Ulam Dror Sha'alim is a beautiful, modern hall, perfect for seminars, conferences, lectures, shows, and family events. It is located at 30 Dover Shalom, near the Nofei Aviv neighborhood, and seats up to 200 people.

For more information and to make reservations: Sarah - 054-333-1347

All proceeds go to towards Bayit Cham, for children at risk and towards the maintenance of  the Hall.

Sarah Shpitzer
Sha'alim Network

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