Elana Ginz elana.ginz at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 03:48:01 EST 2019

   - Do you want to improve your conversational Hebrew?
   - Do you want to be able to speak more fluently with your children's
   - Do you want to feel more comfortable in Hebrew when you go shopping?

If so this is the class for you. It is on Sunday mornings from  9:30AM to
10:30 AM
For more details either email or phone Elana at 053-622-9322.

Here is a recommendation from one of my students
"After being in Elana's ulpan class for a few weeks, I found myself feeling
so much more
confident with my conversational Hebrew. Every week, Elana brought up great
topics that got everyone involved in and taught us very practical and
useful new words. The chance to practice speaking on a regular basis really
helped improve my fluency. Most of all, I ENJOYED it! Elana is super
patient and so encouraging.
The classes had a warm and relaxed and fun atmosphere- a perfect place to


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