[BS/RBS list] The Best Chanuka Gift You Can Give - Warm clothes for children at risk

שרה שפיצר sara at s-tikva.org.il
Sun Nov 24 03:22:12 EST 2019

The Warm Home provides which Sha'alei Tikvah runs, provides the children with a hot  lunch,

assistance with  their school work,  warmth and love which is sorely lacking in the childrens' lives.

With you help we can provide appropriate winter clothing to every child in the Warm Home.

Suggested donation 180nis per child.

For On-line donations please click here:

please choose  "מבצע מחמם לחורף"

For credit card donations please call:

*6137   or   054-3331347

Checks can be dropped at Sha'alei Torah offices  on Nahal Sorek 16,

Orot Girls school, Orot Boys School and Ulpanat Gila in RBS

Sara Shpitzer
Sha'alei Tikva

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