[BS/RBS list] There’s a Lion Outside! (I didn’t make this up)

Chani Schwartz chanischwartz1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 12:36:59 EST 2019

The wisest man of all time, King Solomon, uses the metaphor of a deadly and close-by lion to illustrate the irrational fear that can consume a person in order to resist change. (Mishlei, 22:13) Humans by their very nature will go to great lengths to rationalize why the status quo is just fine, and creatively delude ourselves into thinking that change will negatively impact us! We love our comfort zone, we fear the unknown. It’s human nature!

In truth, our deep desire is to change, to grow, progress, make a difference, and contribute with our unique G-d given strengths. We innately possess knowledge and ability to reach higher and create a life that reflects our true purpose and manifests joy and success. 

Only problem is... personal obstacles block this mindset and we end up thinking that we can only accomplish our goals once we remove these challenges. Or self-doubt and fear creeps in and convinces us to procrastinate, keeping the complacent cycle going. 

The good news is... knowledge is power!
Learn how to:
Identify limiting thoughts and beliefs and uncover dormant powerful truths
Circumvent the cycle of fear and inaction
Master techniques for empowerment and energy
Implement an emotional style to your advantage 
(Slay the Lion!)

Call me at 0523125956 for a FREE first session, no further commitment required. 

Chani Schwartz
Certified Therapist
Cofounder Kanfey Shemesh
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