[BS/RBS list] FRIDAY NIGHT CHABURAH - Lilui Nishmas Harav Malinowitz - THIS WEEK @ The Ehrenkranz's 12/3 Tzeilim @ 8:00 שיעור באנגלית

Seth Grossman sethgrossman3 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 18:17:53 EST 2019

Last poem i mentioned how hard it is to find a theme - yet tonight that is
not the case
Just looking around In ramat beit shemesh tonight its hard to find a smile
on any face

Any other week i would have waxed poetic about the Israeli political
system's sad state
I have no clue if Netanyahu is innocent or guilty but i surely wouldn't
want to share his fate.

And Shabbos was the 1st Yahrtzeit of Mrs Dannie Grajower  - who passed away
tragically at 33
It's devastating when someone so young & talented creates such a gaping
hole in their family tree

For the zechus of an aliyas neshama for her alone would be an honor to
dedicate this week's shiur
But today was also my Bubbi Helen's yahrtzeit for which I'm tasked with
saying kaddish each year

Hensha Rus bas R' Eliezer Z"L - a loving grandmother who enjoyed feeding us
& pinching our cheeks
She is worthy of way more than a poem & shiur & would be the only subject
on most other weeks

But alas it's not a regular week here in Ramat Beit Shemesh as a terrible
tragedy has just struck
The news that Rav Chaim Zev Malinowitz suddenly passed away felt like we
were run over by a truck

A local Rav here in Beis Tefilla Yonah Avrohom, a noted Dayan & huge talmid
Chacham to boot
He cared dearly about Torah, Eretz Yisroel & all Jews, B"H about being PC
he didn't give a hoot

A brilliant scholar who knew Kol Hatorah Kulah he was the general editor of
the Artscroll SHAS
He also often quoted Chovos Halevavos etc & focused on midos and avoiding
Ga'ava & Ca'as

Really smart people, & even Rabbeim, often don't have an awesome
personality to match their wisdom
Rav Malinowitz was also personable & very funny which made it easy to give
him keys to our kingdom

He gave Shiurim on Nach & Shev Shamaysa & everything in between; his
eruditeness obvious to all
But he would entertain the Oilam with his unique flare & some great jokes;
off your chair you could fall

Eight years ago he asked me to speak in shul at a melava malka, a request
he regretted almost right away
We disagreed for years whether one part of my speech was inappropriate -
his opinion I could not sway

Many years later he gave me an opportunity to deliver a chaburah - my first
chance at public redemption
I said over my chiddush on zman shacharis; i thought he greatly enjoyed it
- at least that was my conception

I had brought kugel, deli & other goodies - in addition to the regular
fare-  as part of my forgiveness plea
Everyone in shul seemed to savor the chabruah & Kiddush I could not even
try pretending to hide my glee

So I made my way to Rabbi Malinowitz & excitingly asked if he liked it - my
knees to longer feeling like Jelly
RM "if it's up to me You can give chabruah every week!"SG -"that much?' RM
-NOOO , but I really love deli!

He was an extremely unique and talented person & Rav -  proud to be a
talmid Muvak of Rav Abba Berman
He cared greatly about each member of his kehilla, he did so much more at
BTYA than just give a sermon

But above all else he always encouraged constant Limud Hatorah, which he
eloquated in an eye-opening way
Men have to realize there is no such concept as free time for them as the
chiyuv to learn torah is extant all day

This wasn't just an abstract idea to the Rav, even on the bus to & from
jerusalem he learned the whole time
He lived his life believing not allocating all of one's time to serving
Hashem was indeed a tremendous crime

This shabbos we're told of history's first eulogy & fittingly tomorrow
there will be plenty of Rabbonim who speak
But IY"H this short poem will give everyone some insight into Rav
Malinowitz & let's learn extra for him this week

So very briefly let me give you the details of where and when the Chaburah
in the Rav's memory will take place
Nachal Tzeilim 12/3 @ 8:00  by R' Yakov Ehrenkranz  - that's all I'll say
about Yakov since he's been on my case

We'll start a little early as BH we want to make sure everyone can attend
the shalom zachor for baby Abramowitz
But please do come first to learn Torah & have in mind Dannie Grajower, my
dear Bubbi Helen & Harav Malinowitz

Also this year's chabruahs are dedicated l'ilui Nishmas R' Brian Galbut -
Harav Baruch Tzvi ben Reuven Nosson
Hashem please no more early petirahs, let us instead celebrate bar
mitzvahs, births, & Smachos Kallah V'chosson


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