[BS/RBS list] Shoe repairmen in the BS mercaz

Ruth posnruth at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 06:01:12 EST 2019

Yes, the one we have used until recently is Pini Vaknin.(I checked Shemesh
website for Pini and Miryam Vaknin)
I have his phone number and his wife's email address which are no longer
Maybe someone knows if he still has his bag shop and still repairs
shoes-and suitcases.
There are actually two shoe repair men very close to each other in the old
Bet shemesh shopping centre. Very difficult to explain how to get there and
their location. Misrad Hapnim is sort of behind/oppposite the shopping
centre that they are located in. Probably best to park in the shopping
centre parking area and ask someone how to find them. I prefer the older
man, who is Bukhari, but the other fellow does a good job too.
Good luck

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