[BS/RBS list] [RBS1] Shoe repair?

Shaya & Minna Stern stern-gang at neto.net.il
Tue Nov 19 07:11:39 EST 2019

There are actually two shoe repair men very close to each other in the old Bet shemesh shopping centre. Very difficult to explain how to get there and their location. Misrad Hapnim is sort of behind/oppposite the shopping centre that they are located in. Probably best to park in the shopping centre parking area and ask someone how to find them. I prefer the older man, who is Bukhari, but the other fellow does a good job too.
Good luck

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There is a shoe repair man in old bet shemesh, in the old mercaz  near misrad hapnim, Open in the morning & i think early afternoon

Wishing you a Bnei Hashraah filled week!

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> Hi all,
> Looking for shoe repair in RBS-A/BS.  I see others are asking, but no 
> responses to the list.
> Please reply to me, and the list!
> I already know of "Hasandler" under Yesh in the RBS-A mercaz 
> (055-660-0926, 02-648-3022), but he's only open, I think, in the early 
> evening.
> Thanks,
> --M
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