[BS/RBS list] Someone was looking for an Air Conditioner repairman?

sunsurfer44 at yahoo.com sunsurfer44 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 19 05:56:13 EST 2019

I mislaid the lister's message, so here's my reply 
We use the good services Dr Mazgan
 A while ago, when Shabbat was hot, our over 20 year old air conditioner let us down.
One call on motzei Shabbat to Michel at Dr Mazgan and he came first thing Sunday morning and fixed
the problem!

He also checked every part to make sure that it worked well. He also installs a new system-if necessary.
So we were greatly relieved!
His ad in  Shemeshphone mentions Yatzata Tzadik-I actually saw him on TV
receiving the medal from Chaim Hecht for integrity, service and price.
In the new series last Thursday night with Chaim Etgar, they checked plumbers!
Dr Mazgan is still the only professional in Bet Shemesh who passed the


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