[BS/RBS list] Weekly Parsha from Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein

Yal Kossowsky yalbk4 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 01:19:08 EST 2019

Announcement: new Series on the Weekly Parsha from Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein 

Beginning this week, Rabbi Bernstein will be sending out divrei Torah on the weekly parsha in a series entitled Dimensions in Chumash. These will comprise thought-provoking discussions on the parsha, with particular emphasis laid on the different ways in which the Torah transmits its messages. The discussions will be draw on a broad range of commentaries, many of them well-known, and some of them not so well-known.

To receive these divrei Torah weekly please visit  journeysintorah.com and click on subscribe for Dimensions in Chumash at the bottom of the homepage.

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