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Mon Nov 18 09:23:15 EST 2019

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Over the last number of months, since before Rosh Hashanah, I have been
asking everyone to daven for Rabbi Kalman Packouz (Kalman Moshe ben Devorah)

Hereunder is the very moving message informing everyone of his passing.

What a nice man! What a mensch he was!!  Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

Besorot Tovot   ..... May we share just good news.

Shalom – My name is Rabbi Yitzchak Zweig and it is with deep sadness and
regret that I must inform you of the untimely passing of my beloved friend
and mentor - Rabbi Kalman Packouz, of blessed memory. הרב קלמן משה בן ראובן
אביגדור זצ״ל

Rabbi Packouz passed away Friday night, under remarkable circumstances
which I will describe in a separate column. Rabbi Packouz has asked me to
carry on his monumental work of bringing the light of the Almighty to the
world and returning His children to their spiritual roots. I am humbled by
the magnitude of this responsibility.

He was deeply devoted to his loyal “Shabbat Shalom Fax of Life” readers; so
much so that he even began to prepare his “final fax”. He had mentioned it
to me several months ago and it took some time to find it in his vast
archives. Never one to mince words, it was aptly titled: “Death”. As you
will see – he didn’t get very far, but I wish to be faithful to his final
wishes so I am copying what he wrote:

GOOD MORNING!   By the time you read this, I will be dead.  I've always
loved that opening line -- full of power, no beating around the bush ...
right to the punch line!  However, my wife never had the same affinity for
it. I asked her, "So, how should I start out?  "It was a dark and stormy

With Deep Appreciation to my wife


All that I have accomplished I owe to her.  My eternal gratitude for
raising our family. Everything she does is done with love, caring, and
joy.  My thanks to the Almighty that she married me.

Lastly, never leave a loved one or a friend without saying, "I love you!"

I love you.

Signing off,

Rabbi Kalman Packouz

He also added the following dedication

“In loving Memory of Kalman Moshe Ben Reuven Avigdor”

The funeral will be held today (Sunday) in S. Florida at 1 pm EST. If you
wish to attend, the address is

Neshama Jewish Funeral Services

920 SW 2nd Place
Pompano Beach FL

The funeral will also be streamed online and you may participate by
clicking the following link (it will also be recorded and available for
viewing at a later time)

Click Here

The burial will be on Tuesday afternoon in Israel – it will take place at
Eretz Hachaim Cemetery near the city of Beit Shemesh.

May his Memory be a blessing.

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