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CKL 1/1

Expressive Movement and Playback Theatre Workshop for women designed
specifically for family, caregivers, friends, and supporters of loved
ones with cancer.
Learn how to give voice to hopes, dreams and challenges.
Connect with unique internal resources to help with challenges and
live with joy and inner peace.

The vision of this particular workshop:
To develop tools to practice physiological-emotional regulation
To offer and receive a holding support from one another
To have the opportunity to experience our stories (each participant
chooses the extent to which she wishes to share) through the bodies
and souls of different group participants
To begin to access a place of peace and hope in “the eye of the
storm”, to discover and rediscover our meaning and sources of strength
To have a pleasurable artistic and musical experience of creation and
To prepare for the unknown through the practice of improvisation

All of this will be facilitated in a safe space, each participant at
her own pace, through:
- mindful movement exercises
- interactive dyadic and group exercises
- an introduction to playback theatre- creating and sharing of our
stories in an embodies way
- group processing and sharing

November 28th, 2019
10am to 1pm
Rechov Shlomo Hamelech 5, RBS Gimmel

Subsided fee of NIS 50

Workshop Facilitators:
Shirley Legum
Internationally Renowned Playback Director
Therapist, Creator of Dancestory.

Rochelle Tehila Martin
Integrative Psychotherapist,
Certified Chaplain, Judance Instructor.

Spaces are limited
Please RSVP by November 21

Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/dancestory1128
Rochelle Tehila Martin MSC, SCP-C
Dr. Karen Lewis
keren.l at meuhedet.co.il

Bring comfortable clothing, soft shoes or sneakers
Sponsored by Thrivacious. Non profit organisation, supporting English
speaking women in Israel affected by cancer

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