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 This is a great gift for friends/family even outside of Israel.

I can even make these custom colored for the room desired.
Thanks to Elana Louis Photography (she did WALK AROUND at the MEGA MALL!) for these:https://elanaduchinphotography.smugmug.com/Client-area/2017/Megamall-Vendors-summer-2017/Homemade-Mezuzzahs/
Available in 2 sizes, hand made right here in RBS-Aleph by me, you can pick from a variety of designs and color combinations or create your very own!  You can choose from a variety of textured threads to give the desired look, such as: fuzzy, metallic, velvet, etc. 
These mezuzos are great gifts for: newlyweds, new olim, chanukat habayit, housewarming gift, or just to customize and beautify the mitzvah!
They come in  medium and large.  The medium is (12 cm) are 140 NIS and the large (15 cm) is 160 NIS.  
Email me for ADDITIONAL photos.
smitty at att.net
Devina's Original Creations 02-671-3124 (LEAVE MESSAGE FOR CALL-BACK) 
I will be selling my mezuzahs at the mega mall on Dec 9 IY"H.  Hope to see you there!

local RBS resident & small business 

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