[BS/RBS list] Washingtonn DC area ex-pat Students of Yehudit Grun a"h

Petite Safranit petite.safranit at verizon.net
Sun Nov 17 11:50:53 EST 2019

A beloved and dedicated Ivrit teacher to many in the D.C. area, who now 
live in BS/RBS and elswhere in EY, Yehudit Grun a"h was nifteret 
yesterday morning. Here is the info I have so far.

The funeral will be at Eretz Hachaim cemetery on Monday 2-3 hours after 
the arrival of flight UA84 scheduled for 9:20 AM.

Shiva in Bet Shemesh will be until Tuesday evening: 10ב בנימין בית שמש 
(לשעבר שבטי ישראל)

Shiva in Maryland will begin around midday on Wednesday and will 
conclude Sunday morning: 1219 Pinecrest Circle, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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