[BS/RBS list] The simcha ninjas!

Aharon Sopher ahsopher at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 10:16:29 EST 2019

Making a simcha?
The simcha ninjas are exactly what you were looking for.

♡ Weddings
♡ Sheva brachos
♡ Bar/Bat mitzvahs
♡ Kiddushes
♡ Family meals
♡ Proposals
♡ Brisses

Whether its - Planning, Managing or waitering for your simcha, the ninjas
can do it all!

We've got
☆ A wedding planner
☆ Real napkins and tablecloths
☆ Glass platters and bowls
☆ Real Dishes
☆Projector and screen
☆ DJ lights to kick your event to a whole new level!

With over 2 years of experience in the Beit shemesh and Jerusalem district
The simcha ninjas are here to turn your dreams into a reality in the most
affordable and efficient way!

For a quote you can email us at simchaninjas at gmail.com or call Rachel at
055-680-3327 or Aharon at 0524685067

small local business

The simcha ninjas  - For all your parties needs!

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