[BS/RBS list] Reflexology, Guided Imagery and Mind Body Healing.

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Sun Nov 17 09:30:24 EST 2019

For women or children who are suffering from a chronic condition or are
just looking to get back to themselves, physically, mentally and
Special packages available.
Call Leah Sheina  0586445959, Rama A

What previous clients have said:

Leah Sheina is a practitioner who combines deep insight along with magical
hands into her work.  She helped strengthen my body to recover from
pneumonia and on a different occasion , helped me get over a few days
headache. Her treatments are super relaxing and helped me feel better
physically and emotionally.
M. Frankel

Every winter my daughter, age 10, would suffer from colds, flu , sore
throats etc. After several reflexology treatments with Leah Sheina, my
daughter grew stronger and stronger bH' and was no longer getting sick.
M. Raskin

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