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Parenting Class starting in December!!
This is a comprehensive class based on Shefer, Nurture Heart and Torah sources. References available! 
Limited Spots! It will be a small group that will run for 10 weeks in the morning hours. 
Cost: 440 shekels for the course. By Devora Levy, Life Coach AAPC with 12 years experience. 
Learn about how to reach your child, how to encourage cooperation but more importantly, how to understand yourself more deeply in this crucial relationship!
Empower yourself to be a confident, calm and happy mother, to establish authority, set boundaries and be YOURSELF. 
Suitable for mothers of children of all ages. 

To register or for more information email dlevycoaching at gmail.com, go to devoralevy.com or call/whatsapp 052-763-5387www.devoralevy.com 

Hope to see you there!!

Here are some topics we will cover:

Devora LevyParenting Workshop 2018/19Outline
The parent-child relationship.
Understanding how it works. 

Nurture Heart. Focusing on the good. Believing. Creating positive energy. Prayer. 
Building instead of controlling. Different types of interaction. Increasing positive interactions. 

Understanding the uncooperative child. 
The attention seeker
The power struggler 

Dealing with the uncooperative child. Understanding how the brain works. 
Regulating our emotions. 
Deveoping mindfulness. 
The art of self compassion. 
Real tools. 
Time for yourself. 
Bringing Hashem into the process. 

A strong core. Discipline. Rules make kids feel safe. Examples of effective communication.  

Respect. No-nos. Long term relationship. Giving responsibility. Family meetings. 
The sibling relationship Understanding different types of personalities. Love Languages Apologizing. Tear and repair. Guilt. Consequences. 

Celebrating victories. Taking off the mask. Visualizing. 

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