[BS/RBS list] Math Tutoring for Girls (grades 7-12)

David and Miriam Eri erikaroly at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 07:36:30 EST 2019

נחמה ארי, סטודנטית להנדסת תוכנה מעוניינת ללמד שיעורים פרטיים במתמטיקה לבנות
מכיתות ז' - יב', כולל תלמידות 5 יח. דוברת עברית ואנגלית.
 התקשרו לנחמה בטל:054-239-2821

Nechama Eri, a college student studying Software Engineering is available
to tutor math for girls in grades 7-12, including five yechidot math.
Fluent in Hebrew and English. Call Nechama at 054-239-2821

Nechama was a terrific tutor for my daughter, who is entering 10th grade.
She had tremendous patience and a big smile each time they work together.
Without Nechama’s friendly, patient help, I can’t imagine how my daughter
would have made it through her huge summer math packet! I highly recommend
her as a tutor and people may call me if they would like more information
at 058-550-9140

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