[BS/RBS list] **Post Partum personal training reimbursed by the kupot cholim**

Yaffa Swinkin byswinkin at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 04:14:19 EST 2019

Do you want to get stronger, more fit and feel more confident in your
ability to physically take care of yourself and your baby? I I have created
a program customized specifically to help postpartum mothers gain back
their core strength as well their endurance. As part of your סל הריון, if
you have Meuchedet C, Leumit Gold or Clalit platinum, you can get
reimbursed up to 75% of 400 shekel spent on strengthening/personal

The kupot will reimburse you for strengthening done within the first 6
months after giving birth so if your baby is nearing 6 months, take
advantage of your סל הריון package!. As a physical therapist and personal
trainer, I can help get you back to feeling fit, strong and healthy!
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Yaffa Swinkin, Physical therapist and personal trainer

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