[BS/RBS list] lost and found

Joseph Deutsch daddeutsch at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 17 03:19:05 EST 2019

Dear "Shemesh List",

I am an Oleh Chadash, and have not previously used your services.

A frum couple (strangers) to whom I had given a "tremp" left a package in my car, containing a new personal electric item. I want to return this to them, but I have no idea who they are. Is there a way I can check your "hashavat aveida" list to see if they posted a notice about this? Alternatively, Can I post a notice about this incident, in the hope of locating the rightful owner of this item?

Thank you very much, and tizku l'mitzvot.

J. Deutsch
058 453-5748

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