נדלן פלוס לאה npy0775034041 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 02:50:07 EST 2019

Who are we?!

We are a home management company that takes care of everything that needs
to be taken care of in your apartment/home.

Starting from collecting rent, home repair and renovations, technical
problems, transfer of gas, electric and Arnona bills to the renters name,
down to the smallest details


*לאה- תיווך "נדל"ן-פלוס"*
*ערבות הנחל 1 בית שמש*
*טל: 0775034041 *
*פקס: 02-5860880*
*בקרו באתרינו: http://www.nadlan-p.com/ <http://www.nadlan-p.com/>*

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