[BS/RBS list] Crazy sale on Sta"m

Nathe London nathe0018 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 21:39:48 EST 2019

Nearly new mehudar tefillin sets

Rashi medium 2,400

Rashi large 2,400

Rabbenu Tam large 2,400

Rashi extra large Galician style 2,400 ( owned by Talmid of Reb Elya Lopian and Harav Abramsky zatzal)

Megillat Esther in wooden case, beautiful 2,600 checked

Mezuzos 10cm, 15cm, Beit Yosef Ashkenaz only 120 shekels instead of 200!

When they are gone....they are gone. Can deliver. Serious enquirers only.

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