[BS/RBS list] THIS Motza'sh - shiur / book talk - HaRav Yakov Nagen (Genack), from Otniel

Ari Ferziger ariferziger at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 04:09:48 EST 2019

THIS Motza'Sh –


All are invited to please join us for a Winter Motza'Sh shiur / book talk by

*HaRav Dr. Yakov Nagen *who will discuss his book

*Be, Become, Bless*

*Jewish Spirituality between East and West*

Location: Ferziger home - HaTziporen 4B, Nofei Aviv

Date / Time: Motza'Sh Vayera, 18 Heshvan 5780 (16-11-19), 20:00


Spirtuality / ruhaniut. What is it that our kids – teens and young adults –
seem to searching for?? HaRav Nagen helps us to understand this quest, its
roots in traditional Jewish thought, trends in Eastern thought – and the
contemporary language of "being" / "becoming". “Be, Become, Bless” presents
these ideas via a thoughtful series on parshat hashavua which came out six
years ago in Hebrew, “Lehitorer Le’Yom Hadash,” and has been translated and
re-edited for an English audience.

HaRav Dr. Yakov Nagen (Genack), a Ra'M at the yeshivat hesder in Otniel,
was raised in New York, studied in Yeshivot Sha'alvim and Har Etzion, and
attended Yeshiva University, before moving to Israel where he received
semikha from the Rabbanut and a Ph.D. in Jewish thought from Hebrew

For more, see the review by our own Alan Jotkowitz - <


Not required and feel free to just show up - but we would be happy to hear
that you plan to attend, via email: <ariferziger at gmail.com>. Thanks.

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