[BS/RBS list] Poultry on sale and vegetables for 2.90/kg at Best Market - end of week specials

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Thu Nov 14 03:21:25 EST 2019

TBK 18/50

Buy your fresh chicken and your vegetables for cooking for Shabbat at
Best Market

Whole chicken - 16.90 NIS per kg
Chicken thighs/quarters- 3 kg for 55 NIS
Fillet / Breast / ground chicken - 2 kg for 62 NIS
Schnitzel- 2 kg for 65 NIS
Chicken wings - 2 kg for 15 NIS
Pargiot - 2 kg for 89 NIS

* No restrictions / conditions
* Valid until 08/15 while supplied last.
Clean meat counter, courteous service, freshest poultry!

Potatoes, carrots, white/red cabbage, butternut squash, beets, onions
Parsley, Coriander, Dill and Mint (Yevul Hakfar ) all for 2.90nis/kg

See: for more details:  http://bit.ly/bestmarketnov14

Only at Best Market
Park Center, Nachal Dolev 19
Open until 11 pm on Thursday
Open Friday 7:30am to 2pm.

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