[BS/RBS list] regarding an ad in RBS Views this week

Riva Pomerantz joelriva at 013net.net
Wed Nov 13 17:20:38 EST 2019

L'toeles Ha'tzibur, I just want to point out that the event being advertised
in RBS Views by Ezrat Menachem was also advertised on Janglo and the
organization's full name is The Ezrat Menachem Healing Center For Autism &
Other Vaccine Injury. 


This is what the Janglo-advertised post says:


This is NOT an anti-vaccine event. As the autism/epilepsy epidemic has been
documented to have skyrocketed over 1200% in the last few years, primarily
in boys - it behooves every responsible person to learn the possible causes.


Important to note: vaccines have been around a lot longer than "the last few


That event also read: "exact location will be revealed only 24 hours before
the event."


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