[BS/RBS list] [ COUPON ] This Week's Sales in Beit Shemesh!

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Wed Nov 13 02:39:03 EST 2019

🤩 Don't miss these great deals in Beit Shemesh this week!

🙎🏻‍♀ TODAY Custom wig sale at Rachel Hymans:  http://bit.ly/2CDwav9
🍕 Family Special at Pizza Barama:  http://bit.ly/2qNLu5w
🛏 Get 66% off at the Second Mattress at Olam Hamizronim:
and a lot more!!

Check out the full list here: http://bit.ly/34TwVw7

>>>> See all Shemesh Deals and Coupons here: http://bit.ly/2SesVzQ <<<<

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