[BS/RBS list] Unlock the Weatlh - Temech Conference for business owners - last day for early bird registration.

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Tue Nov 12 08:27:24 EST 2019

The Temech Conference is 1 week away!  Tuesday, November 19th

Over here at the Temech Hub, we're putting the finishing touches on an
amazing program. At the same time, our excitement is tempered by our
concern for all of you who are in the South and the Mercaz. We're
davening that Hashem protect you (and all of Klal Yisrael) and the
situation quiets down.

G-d willing, this flareup will be over soon, and then the Temech
Conference will be a relaxing treat after the tension.  This
conference is simultaneously in English and Hebrew at Binyanei Hauma
in Jerusalem.

Tonight at midnight the ticket price goes up from 220 NIS to 260 NIS,
so don't wait - get your ticket now!
Click her to reserve your seat:  http://bit.ly/temechcon

Looking forward to seeing you on November 19th!
Penina Eichler and the Temech Conference team

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