[BS/RBS list] Blood drive and blood marrow registration today at Lev hatorah!

Ita Ambinder iambinder19 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 04:25:00 EST 2019

In light of the current news, please try extra hard to come donate blood
and/or get swabbed to be added to the Gift of Life bone marrow registry
*between 1pm and 5pm at Lev HaTorah today*. In the merit of Chananya
Avraham Ben Chana Devora, Lev HaTorah alumnus and young father with
lymphoma, and the 10 year old nephew of an RBS resident with Leukemia, as
well as all of Am Yisroel!

Let's do our part to fill the banks and get added to the registry. Getting
swabbed is quick and painless and could save a life. Gift of Life Israel
doesn't often have registration events, so this is a *unique opportunity*
to get yourself added to the registry with no hassle. Let's show Hashem how
we are willing to give of ourselves to preserve the life of His children,
and may we merit to have Him preserve us.

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