[BS/RBS list] Support Lev HaTorah - Play4Lev - TEN DAYS TO GO!

Ephrayim Naiman ejnaiman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 16:16:02 EST 2019

Actually, now only TWO DAYS TO GO.
There were 171 tickets left last week and now only 96 - go, go, go!

Thank you everyone and tizku lemitzvot,

-Ephrayim Naiman
ejnaiman at gmail.com
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Subject: Support Lev HaTorah - Play4Lev - TEN DAYS TO GO!
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Dear R/BS Communities,

I've been working for Lev HaTorah for 15 years and B"H we are growing and
Ten years ago we moved into our own building with 70 students.
Two years ago we became a Hesder Yeshiva.
Last year we started our Kollel.
This year we have our biggest Shana Alef and a total of 135 students!

Bursting at the seams we started our building expansion this past June...
We've already converted our old cafeteria to an apartment for 12 students.
We increased our current Beit Midrash by 15% and tonight we moved into our
new 200 square meter cafeteria!

To help with with our building costs, we are running a raffle
<https://www.rayze.it/play4lev> and have B"H sold more than half the
         The first prize is $5K and there is also a special drawing of
$1,000 for those that purchase 3 tickets.
With close to $35,000 raised it has been amazingly helpful and we're really
hoping we can sell the last 171 tickets.
         Please take a look at the raffle <https://www.rayze.it/play4lev>
and if you are able to buy a ticket -Tizku Lemitzvot.

As always we are thankful to the R/BS communities for involvement in
hosting our students, chaburot, chuggim, big brother programs, and much,
much more.

Kol Tuv,

-Ephrayim Naiman

ejnaiman at gmail.com

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