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All are invited to please join us for a
Winter Motza'Sh shiur / book talk - by

*HaRav Dr. Yakov Nagen *
who will discuss his book
*“Be, Become, Bless - *

*Jewish Spirituality between East and West" *
Ferziger home
HaTziporen 4B, Nofei Aviv

Date / Time:
Motza'Sh Vayera
18 Heshvan 5780 (16-11-19)

(in English)

Not required - but we would be happy to hear that you plan to attend, via
email: <ariferziger at gmail.com>. Thanks.

HaRav Dr. Yakov Nagen's book, “Be, Become, Bless” is a thoughtful series on
parshat hashavua, which incorporates Torah and the spirituality of Eastern
thought. The book came out six years ago in Hebrew, “Lehitorer Le’Yom
Hadash,” and has been translated and re-edited for an English audience.

HaRav Dr. Yakov Nagen (formerly Genack) is originally from New York and now
resides in Otniel where he is a Ra'm in Yeshivat Otniel. He studied at
Yeshivat Sha’alvim and Yeshivat Har Etzion. He obtained his BA, MA and
semikha from Yeshiva University and a PhD in Jewish Philosophy from the
Hebrew University.


For more, see - From a review by Dr. Alan Jotkowitz -

The search for a more authentic and intensive spiritual experience is
growing in the Orthodox Jewish community. Whether you call it
Neo-Chassidism, Breslov, Rav Kook, or Chabad chassidus, the movement is
flourishing. Our youth are flying to Uman for Rosh Hashanah, participating
in tischen and fabrengens, and contemplating G-d alone or in retreats in
nature. Israeli religious Zionist youth are traveling to India by the
planeload to get a taste of Indian spirituality as well as learning yoga
and meditation. There is also a renaissance in the study of Kabbalah both
in the academy and traditional yeshivot.

Rabbi Yakov Nagen, a teacher at the Yeshivat Hesder in Otniel, has written
a fascinating new book that attempts to take the insights of this new
spirituality and blend them with traditional Torah scholarship. He is
uniquely qualified for the task. Not only is he steeped in the traditional
world of Brisker lomdus, teaching a traditional high-level Gemara shiur and
halachah, but he also has taken his own spiritual journey as he describes
in the book. Raised in an Orthodox home in New York, he subsequently
attended Yeshiva University, the flagship institution of Modern Orthodoxy,
before moving to Israel where he received ordination from the Israeli chief
rabbinate and a Ph.D. in Jewish thought from Hebrew University.


כולם מוזמנים לשיעור \ שיחה ע"י הרב ד"ר יעקב נגן - על ספרו  - “Be, Become,

מוצ"ש וירא י"ח חשון (16-11) 20:00 - אצל מש' פרזיגר , הציפורן 4ב, באנגלית

תרגום לאנגלית של ספרו "להתעורר ליום חדש". החיפוש אחר רוחניות הוא מסממני
הזמן בו אנו חיים. עם השאלות הקיומיות והרוחניות השייכות לכל אחד מאתנו,
מתמודד הרב יעקב נגן דרך קריאה ייחודית בפרשת השבועׂ...

Not required and feel free to just show up - but we would be happy to hear
that you plan to attend, via email: <ariferziger at gmail.com>. Thanks.

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