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Selling your property can be an arduous task at the best of times. people often don't show up or just want to look around before getting mortgage approval or even prior to even deciding whether to sell themselves and when interested throw lowball offers. Banks have become more picky over which borrowers to approve so you may have already been let down by someone who thought he had the funds. Alternatively you may just be seeing more enquiries from agents than buyers in the current market and due to the affordable housing program has many people sitting on the fence waiting for their names to come up in the lottery.

To help you sell in a slower market, you can find tips for sellers on our website*SELLERS GUIDE <http://ilanrealestate.com/page.asp?lang=en&page_id=390>*  
Accordingly, listing with our V.I.P. Property Marketing Program could make all the difference as in addition to local marketing efforts we will video your property and showcase it to quality buyers from abroad and pre-qualify offers so that you are not left hanging.

VIP Property Marketing Program

* HOME-STAGING tips & guidance!
* Local, National & International Coverage
* Promotion to unique database of thousands of buyers from abroad
* Exposure at forthcoming Aliyah & Israel Real Estate expos in London, New York & Toronto!
* Full video of property
* Direct Mailshot to 5000 homes
* International Social media campaign
* 1 contact point for all local and external agents via co-operation
* Peace of mind in knowing that your interests come FIRST

One thing for sure is that if and when you actually get to sell you will definitely need a well earned rest!

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If you are seeking to invest, upgrade or downsize or simply trying to get onto the property ladder, we are on hand to help make it happen for you with minimal stress.
We provide you with useful tips to help you save money. Use our expertise to you to realize your dreams.

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Whether your family is growing or the nest is looking more empty. Whether you're looking to upgrade, downsize or simply relocate, ILAN Estates & Investments are best placed to help you handle all aspects of the move in a co-ordinated manner. For bespoke personal service with additional tips utilizing the benefit of our 25+ years experience in property, call us today for a professional, no obligation consultation.

We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss all your real estate needs and give you independent advice with the benefit of over 25 years experience and in total confidence.


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