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Sun Nov 10 12:33:22 EST 2019

Kol Haneshamot is a nonprofit agency (in-formation)providing guidance to Parents of at risk/struggling children.  Kol Haneshamot's goal is to help parentsre-form the close personal relationship with their child in a caring,inclusive, and acceptive environment that promotes the child’s best interestsand reinforces personal respect. Created by parents in direct response to thegrowing number of families with young people that are either falling throughthe cracks at school or who are already entangled with disruptive,dysfunctional, and destructive behavior. The goal of the organization is toidentify families of youths who are going through a turbulent transition toadulthood and offer positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that canderail their lives. The focus is slightly different at each level but the goalremains the same; empower the parents, to make positive changes in the lives ofour children.

Kol Haneshamotinvites the women of RBS to the following upcoming events:

1- Mothers support group with Renowned Author and NarrativeTherapist Batya Ruddell beginning Tuesday night November 26th. This supportgroup will run continuously every two weeks. Space is limited. 

2- Roundtable Brunch for Mothers. Wednesday Nov 20th at 10:15AM. - How To Stay Focused When The Rules Are Constantly Changing.

Join Together With Other Mothers to Hear and DiscussWays to Help Your Struggling Teen, - Without Judgment, - Rise Above theirChallenges. – After the initial meeting, we will continue with a bi-weekly ormonthly brunch series. - Space islimited.

For more informationor to RSVP – 

email: kolhaneshamot at gmail.com

or call: 055-660-0235
RBS Resident

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