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HaGefen Realty Wonderful Properties For Sale and Rent: "Your Search Ends Here"

***Sheinfeld neighborhood:

3.5 rooms on Mapei Egoz, 105 sq meters, porch, view, 1,490,000 NIS

4.5 room garden apartment on Maapelai Egoz street. 125 sq. meters, 180 sq  meter garden. Price: 1,990,000 NIS Pictures at http://hagefen.com/property/4-5-room-garden-apartment-in-sheinfeld/

5 room apartment, 129 sq. meters, 4th floor, 1,700,000 NIS.

Rechov Gad, fully updated 5 room garden apartment, 132 sq.m., 2,275,000 NIS

Rechov Gad townhouse, 5 rooms, 132 sq. m., 2nd floor, 1,850,000 NIS
GIVAT SHARET: Private Villa, 380 sq. meters, on full dunum land, 8 rooms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmY-Mab4k0Y&feature=youtu.be


 Rechov Sitvanit, large attached cottage. 6 rooms, 270 sq. m., 75 sq. m. garden,  basement approximately 100 sq.m. Invested. Great view! Price: 2,850,000 NIS

 Rav Yanai, 3 rooms, 98 sq.m., bright and sunny, central air, amazing view, 
 11 sq.m. succah porch, option for 54 sq.m. porch on the roof, 1,470,000 NIS

Rav Yanai, 5 rooms, 118 sq. meters, 1st floor, 1,750,000 NIS

 Rav Yanai, 4 rooms, 118 sq.m., 3rd floor, 1,620,000 NIS



Nacal Sorek, 4 rooms, 110 sq. meters, 2nd floor (elevator), maintained condition, 1,500,000 NIS
Nachal Kotlav, 3 rooms, 85 sq.m., 2nd floor, 1,490,000 NIS

Nachal Kotlav, 4 room apartment, 110 sq.m., 1st floor. 1,990,000 NIS

Nachal Uriah, 7 rooms, ground floor, 200 sq. meters 2,450,000 NIS


Chagai Hanavi,3 rooms, 84 sq. meters, 2nd floor, 1,460,000 NIS

Chagai Hanavi,3 rooms, 84 sq. meters, ground floor, succa porch 23 s. meters, great view 1,400,000 

Private Villa. RBS Gimel, 8 rooms, 450 sq.m. on 330 sq.m. lot. Immediate occupancy, 4,999,000 NIS. 

Private Villa. RBS Gimel, 7 rooms, 300 sq.m. on 330 sq.m. lot. 4,900,000 NIS. Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8586ftSzNaFAXXdG9

We also have many listings and new projects in RBS Gimmel. 
 Looking forward to hearing from you. 
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