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Eliezer Rubinoff ia a practitioner of Shiatsu, Energy Healing and Iridology
at 2nd Nature Healing Center.
We asked him some of the commonly asked questions we get about Shiatsu.

Q: What is Shiatsu?

A: Shiatsu is a style of massage therapy developed in Japan. Literally
Shiatsu means “finger pressure”, which gives some insight into how
practitioners use the technique: fingers, thumbs and palms are used to put
pressure on specific points of the body. These points are located along
meridians that eventually lead to organs. Ancient Eastern Physiology is a
bit different that Conventional Medical Physiology. According to this
paradigm, there is no separation between the body and the mind. The Organs
have roles that are both physical and emotional. For example, if I am
treating points along the Liver Meridian, I am not only regulating blood
and filtration of blood, but also emotional qualities attributed to the
Liver such as creativity or anger.

Q: Why do people get Shiatsu treatments?

A: It really varies. These treatments are tailored to the patient's needs.
In addition to being a deeply relaxing experience, Shiatsu massage therapy
helps treat a variety of health problems using a holistic approach. Some of
the conditions I help to treat include:

poor posture , sinusitis, arthritis, stress, sciatica, sleep issues,
chronic neck or back pain, anxiety and depression.

Q: How long does a session last?

A: About an hour.

Q: What should one wear to a Shiatsu session?

A: Shiatsu is given while the receiver is fully clothed. One should wear
(or bring) clean socks, and comfortable clothing such as T-shirts, or
sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Q: How many sessions do people need?
A: The answer depends on how long someone has been suffering and to what
degree. In general, new or acute issues are resolved in a few number of
sessions. Chronic or long term issues can take up to 10 sessions to treat.
Most of my clients come back once a month to prevent their problem once
it's been resolved. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of
To book your session or to ask any other questions you may have about this
therapy, please call Eliezer at 058-762-3574. Please note that these
treatments are offered to men only.

Eliezer practices at 2nd Nature Healing Center with other quality
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